Bolognese sauce recipe

Also known as ‘ragù alla bolognese’. It’s a traditional recipe from Bologna used in dishes such as tagliatelle alla bolognese or polenta alla bolognese, but it is an excellent sauce for any type of pasta.

  • 50 grs Butter

  • 3 Tbsp olive oil

  • 200 ml Red wine

  • 4 Onions

  • 3 stalks Celery

  • 3 Tomatos

  • 70 grs Concentrated tomato paste

  • 20 grs bacon

  • 4 Carrots

  • 3 cloves garlic

  • 1 leaves Laurel

  • 100 grs Beef

  • 200 grs Pork

  • 1 L Meat broth

  • 200 ml Milk

Cut and prepare all the ingredients.
Cut the pork, beef and bacon very small. Mix. We can also use grind meat.
In a saucepan put olive oil and butter then cook the onions, celery, carrot and garlic. Add salt and pepper. When the vegetables are soft turn off the heat.
In a fry pan put olive oil and cook the onions until they are caramelized.
Put the caramelized onion into the pot with the rest of the vegetables.
Deglaze (see notes) the fry pan with red wine for about 5 minutes. Then put into the pot.
In the same fry pan, put olive oil and sear the bacon with the meat. Add salt and pepper.
When is ready pass it to the pot.
Deglaze (see notes) the fry pan with red wine for about 5 minutes. Then put into the pot.
Put the remaining wine, the broth, the concentrated tomato paste, the garlic, the laurel and the milk in the pot. Cook it at a very low heat for about 2 hours.
Add the chopped tomatoes to our pot and cook for another hour.
Remove from the heat and serve.

  • Deglazing is the process by which we add liquid, as wine, to the pan in which we have seared the meat, fish or some vegetables so that we can collect all the juices and taste.
  • It can be portioned and frozen.
  • We can use this sauce with any pasta even for lasagna.

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